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Welcome to DeedExpress®

DeedExpress® serves Florida Tax Collectors by allowing investors to submit Tax Deed Applications online to the following counties:

What are "Tax Deed Applications"?

You cannot buy Tax Deeds, apply for a Bidder Number, or buy Tax Lien Certificates on this site.

DeedExpress is a site for investors who hold eligible Tax Certificates to take the next steps to try and get a return on their investment. Tax Certificates that have not been redeemed after two years from April 1 of the year they were issued are eligible for a Tax Deed Application. Once a certificate is eligible, the certificate holder may apply for a Tax Deed, and then eventually the Tax Deed will go to sale at a public auction.

To apply for a Tax Deed, the certificate holder must redeem (pay off) all other outstanding tax certificates, pay any other outstanding taxes and fees on the property, and pay for application fees and a title search fee. Fee amounts vary by county. The total amount paid for the Tax Deed Application then accrues interest at 18% per year until the property owner redeems the Tax Deed or it goes to sale.

What are "Tax Certificates"?

A Tax Certificate is a first lien against real estate (not the owner) and becomes the basis upon which a Tax Deed Application is filed. The sale of a Tax Certificate is NOT a sale of real property, nor does a Tax Certificate give the certificate holder a direct means to acquire a property.

For more information on delinquent taxes and Tax Deed Applications, please see Florida Statutes.

Submitting a Tax Deed Application

If you are the holder of an eligible tax certificate you can:

  1. Register for a DeedExpress Account. If you already have an account with one of the counties listed above for purchasing county-held certificates via LienExpress, you may log in to DeedExpress with the same account information.
  2. Submit your certificate bidder number and corresponding SSN/EIN information to retrieve a list of certificates held by that bidder number in each county. You may add any number of additional bidder numbers to your account.
  3. Review your list of certificates and select those to submit for deed application by adding them to the DeedExpress "shopping cart".
  4. Submit payment for the deed applications.
    • Depending on the county, this may be via ACH (e-check) payment from the shopping cart, or by sending funds separately to the county.
    • A DeedExpress Online Application Fee of $100 per Tax Deed Application will be included with the other Tax Deed Application related fees and cost. Users that do not wish to pay such fee may use a limited version of DeedExpress as stated in the User Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the $100 Online Application fee, please contact Grant Street Group at 866-247-4370.
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